A Latin Hymn, with translation

Courtesy of my friend and former student Dominic Mosley:

1. Surgit in hac die
Christus Dominus,
Sustulit qui pie
Pro hominibus
Duram mortem crucis
Hostis a vinclis spolia
Trahens omnia.
On this day arises
Christ Jesus, Savior,
Who the Fall revises
And in Man’s favor
Bore the Cross so trying,
Enemies’ spoils, all their gains
Dragging off in chains.
2. Tyrannum crudelem
Jam superavit,
Paradisi portas-
met reseravit,
    Tartarea frangens,
Regna mortis cum gloria
Et victoria.
To the tyrant vicious
Defeat while bringing,
Paradise auspicious,
Its portals swinging,
    He uncloses, waking,
The reign of death His glory see
And His victory.
3. Virtutibus plena 
Prima omnium
Cernit Magdalena
Christum Dominum
    Potenter surgentem,
Christus solatus hodie,
Princeps gloriae.
Virtuous and holy,
The rest preceding,
Magdalene the lowly
Her Lord was meeting,
Gave to Christ her greeting:
Her weeping was, for glory’s Prince
Comforted her since.
4. Limbus atque mundus
Plaudant dulciter,
Adamque secundus
Nunc feliciter
Opere praeclaro,
Salutis, quam promiserat
Viam reserat.
Limbo, freed from prison,
Is sweetly clapping:
Second Adam, risen,
No longer napping,
In a deed death-braving
The way He promised us, in flesh
Opens up afresh.
5. Corde laetabundo
Nos alleluja
Carmine jucundo
Nos alleluja
Resonemus et can-
Insigni nunc sympnonia
Nos alleluja.
Sing with hearts made merry
We alleluia!
Joy is necessary
And alleluia!
Evermore in praising
Alleluiatic symphony
To the Trinity.
Magnis prophetae vocibus
venire Christum nuntiant,
laetae salutis praevia,
qua nos redemit, gratia.
The Prophets’ mighty voices tell
Christ comes, and His prevenient grace
By which He will salvation spell
They happily deign to embrace.
Candor aeternae Deitatis alme,
Christe, tu lumen, venia atque vita
advenis, morbis hominum medela,
porta salutis.
O warming brilliance of eternal Godhead,
Christ, Thou the lantern, Thou life and forgiveness,
For mankind’s sickness remedy, Thou comest,
Gate of salvation.

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