Publications: Articles in Books

“Friendship and Rhetoric in Plato’s Gorgias,” in Wisdom, Love, and Friendship in Ancient Greek Philosophy. Essays in Honor of Daniel Devereux. Edited by Georgia Sermamoglou-Soulmaidi and Evan Robert Keeling. De Gruyter, 2021.

Publications: Articles in Academic Journals

“Tradition and Originality in Callimachus’ Hymn to Apollo,” Frankfurter elektronische Rundschau zur Altertumskunde 1 (2006).

Publications: Essays

“St. Paul the Word Sower,” Mere Orthodoxy (2022).

“Socrates on the Blessing of Being Refuted,” Antigone (2022).

Publications: Reviews

Plato and the Power of Images, edited by edited by Pierre Destrée and Radcliffe G. Edmonds III (Leiden, NL and Boston, MA: Brill, 2017) in CJ-Online 2018.12.03.

“Plato and the Role of Argument,” Review of Tushar Irani’s Plato on the Value of Philosophy. The Art of Argument in the Gorgias and Phaedrus (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2017) in The Classical Review, 68 (2), 359–361.

Conference Papers

“Plato’s Populism: Rhetoric as Friendship of the People”: presented at the Twenty-second Biennial Conference of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, New Orleans, Louisiana (2019).

“Socrates’ Changing Account of the Art of Rhetoric”: presented at the Seventeenth Biennial Meeting of the Rhetoric Society of America, Atlanta, Georgia (2016).

“Socrates and Gorgias on Rhetoric,” paper presented at the ninety-fourth Anniversary Meeting of CAMWS, Southern Section, Fredericksburg, Virginia (2014).

“The Two Kinds of Rhetoric in Plato’s Gorgias,” paper presented at the 145th Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association, Chicago, Illinois (2014).