Classics Teaching Jobs

Dreher High School, Columbia, SC

Principal Kevin J. Hasinger writes: “We are searching for someone to come in and take over a three-decades-old Latin program. I’m so afraid it will wither if we can’t find a teacher soon. If the individual is not certified to teach, but has a strong background in Latin, alternative certification would be an option.” Contact him at:

Archway Classical Academy

Archway Classical Academy is looking for a Latin teacher. If you are interested, contact: Megan Opitz, Assistant Headmaster, Archway Classical Academy | Veritas  | 3102 N. 56th St., Suite 200 | Phoenix, AZ 85018. P: 602.489.7341 ext. 206304 | F: 602.759.1300|| W:

Great Hearts Schools

“Great Hearts is a network of tuition-free, in person and online public schools dedicated to improving education nationwide” (from their website). Latin teaching positions are currently available. Great Hearts schools are located throughout Texas and Arizona. Dr. Jeffries from Archway Veritas, one of these charter schools in Phoenix, has an opening for a 4th–6th grade Latin teacher. You can contact her at

Trinity Christian School (14 January 2021)

Trinity Christian School (in Fairfax, VA) is looking to hire a full time Latin teacher for next year as well as a full time French teacher. It is a Christian school with Catholic and Protestant Faculty and Staff.

Trinity School at Meadowbrook (Falls Church, VA)