• Paper Comments
    Alan Jacobs: My own experience, for what little it’s worth, is that sometimes you get students who undergo dramatic changes in their academic performance, for good or for ill, but those changes have nothing to do with intelligence. Someone’s performance drops because of illness or emotional upheaval. Or, conversely: Many years ago I had a student who…More
  • Mechanization, Monoculture, and Social Ecology
    Alan Jacobs, writing at the Hedgehog Review, draws an analogy between biological ecology and social ecology. Reflecting on Claude Lévi-Strauss’s account of his visits to Caribbean rum distilleries and on Sigfried Giedion’s Mechanization Takes Command, Jacobs promulgates several theses: All illiberalisms are instrinsically mechanistic. Jacobs’s example of biological mechanization uses Giedion to interpret Lévi-Strauss: “To…More
  • a prayer for artists
    From today’s Vespers: Tu, qui artes coléntibus præstas ut splendórem tuum suo ingénio maniféstent,mundum per eórum ópera cum spe gaudióque illústra. Thou, who grant that those who cultivate the arts make thy splendor palpable by their genius, illumine our world in hope and joy through their works. Amen.More